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It ain't easy being a rebel when your old man is Peter Fonda. But Bridget Fonda has tried to blaze her own trail in the same industry where dad, aunt Jane Fonda, and granddad Henry Fonda became stars. Bridget appeared in both You Can't Hurry Love and Shag in 1988. She went on to star in such films as Cameron Crowe's Singles (reportedly, Crowe wrote Fonda's role specifically for her), Single White Female (1992), Bodies, Rest & Motion (1993), Point of No Return (1993), and It Could Happen to You (1994). Bridget also threw her light body into the role of Eleanor Lightbody in The Road to Wellville (1994), where her topless bathtub scene leads many a viewer to rub-a-dub-dub his nub. And her topless debut in Aria (1987) has been a skintastic classic for a decade and a half. Bridget played a bong-sucking, ill-fated beach bunny in Jackie Brown (1997) and brought her skinful can to A Simple Plan (1998) as Bill Paxton's pregnant, crazed wife.

Kiss of the Dragon (2001) Nude, breasts 00:15:00 Check out the left nip slip when Bridget's steering the ceramic bus. Is it hot? Is it disgusting? We don't judge, we just inform you where the boobies are. (30 secs)
Break Up (1998) Nude, breasts She shows her cute little breasts in bed with a guy. We love Bridget's sweet mam-midgets! (1 min 24 secs)
Break Up (1998) Nude, breasts 00:02:21 A few more sly peeks at Fonda's right side funbag when she wraps up banging her beau in bed. (57 secs)
Jackie Brown (1997) Nude, butt 01:08:03 Nice bun-shot as Bridget walks away after Robert DeNiro has pounded her pooper in the kitchen. (14 secs)
Touch (1997) Nude, butt 00:54:48 Brief glimpse of buns while in bed with Skeet Ulrich. You'll also be Fonda the next scene where she walks around in her panties. (36 secs)
Camilla (1994) Nude, butt 00:46:00 Bridget flashes some ass while skinny-dipping with Jessica Tandy. (17 secs)
The Road to Wellville (1994) Nude, breasts 00:23:31 Lovely looks at Bridget's breastage as she enjoys a milk-bath. (28 secs)
The Road to Wellville (1994) Nude, breasts 01:46:42 Fonda fonda's her nude right boob while lying outside next to a copulating couple. (17 secs)
Point of No Return (1993) Nude, underwear, breasts 00:49:00 The Blu-ray edition reveals brief glimpses of Bridget's righty and lefty in this sex scene once considered to be non-nude. (48 secs)
Single White Female (1992) Nude, breasts, butt 00:05:00 A lovely ass shot as Bridget checks her answering machine, but her panties magically re-appear a bit later on! (32 secs)
Single White Female (1992) Nude, butt 00:35:04 Far-off fanny as Bridget climbs out of bed and grabs her robe. (12 secs)
Single White Female (1992) Nude, breasts 01:20:15 Brief silhouette of the left breasticle as Ms. Fonda changes her top. (19 secs)
The Godfather: Part III (1990) Nude, butt 00:33:21 Bridget's a doffer you can't refuse! She strokes Andy Garcia's chest carpet before hopping out of bed and throwing on a robe, showing the side of her cannolli and a quick flash of flankage. (49 secs)
Scandal (1989) Nude, breasts 00:18:00 Bridget tries to steal the show with her perky smile and bare bouncing breastages. (46 secs)
Scandal (1989) Nude, butt 01:01:00 Bridget's butt bares itself briefly as she traipses about clad in a bedsheet. (19 secs)
Aria (1987) Nude, breasts, butt 01:06:23 Bridget (in her first "real acting role") bares her stupendous T & A while smooching in bed with James Mathers. What an incredible body! (1 min 40 secs)
Aria (1987) Nude, breasts, bush 01:08:35 Bridget sadly sits in the tub with her man, and then slashes each wrist. Bummer, but at least we get to look at her very nice Fondabags. (56 secs)

Sexy Appearances


Lake Placid (1999) - as Kelly Scott

A Simple Plan (1998) - as Sarah Mitchell

Singles (1992) - as Janet Livermore

Iron Maze (1991) - as Chris Sugita

Shag (1989) - as Melaina Buller

TV Shows

The Chris Isaak Show (2001-2004) - as Stephanie Furst

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