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Juanpis González: The Series

Juanpis González: The Series (2022)

Brief Nudity


Everything in the world was handed to Juanpis González (Alejandro Riaño), as he is one of the most spoiled rich kids not just in his native country of Colombia, but possibly the world!  He's a classic party boy who uses his family's wealth and standing to coast by in life and doesn't really do anything.  He drinks and does drugs, throws lavish parties, sleeps with as many girls as he can, buys fancy clothes and cars, and has no intent of changing his ways.  Well that is until his Grandpa, the patriarch of the wealthy Colombian clan, decides that he isn't going to give him his inheritance until he changes his ways.  Grandpa wants him to clean up his act, figure out what to do with his life, and more importantly what his family's wealth can do to help the world.  So Juanpis decides the best way for him to help out is to clean up the local political landscape, but he's a spoiled rich kid and finds that the trappings of politics aren't much different than the trappings of a rich family who hands you everything and he is easily corruptible.  So he needs some guidance from the new special lady in his life,  Carolina Gaitán, who acts as a bit of a moral compass.  That doesn't mean he isn't going to periodically let a party DJ'd by Natalia Paris get away from him and end up with topless ladies like Nudecomer, Sajati Rojas passed out on the front lawn despite him trying to change!