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Fake Profile

Fake Profile (2023)

Great Nudity!


When Vegas cabaret dancer Camilla (Carolina Miranda) meets handsome doctor Fernando Castello (Rodolfo Salas) on a dating app, she can’t believe how lucky she is to have finally found her dream man. But then things come to an inexplicable end after four months of sheer bliss (and lots of boinking), so Camilla decides to travel to his home country of Colombia for answers. What she discovers is that he’s not actually Dr. Fernando Castello at all, but a married father of two named Miguel. Camilla plots her revenge, but the presence of his scheming father in-law and the dissolution of his marriage when he wife discovers his affair end up putting her life at risk. Carolina’s terrific T’n’A make several appearances, plus we also get some bare boobage and butt from Manuela Gonzalez while she has a couple of trysts of her own. Even Alejandra Villafañe gets in on the fun, showing off her tanned booty cheeks while remembering a sexy night with Rodolfo. The profile may be fake, but your boner will be real!