Jessica BielFirst-Time Nude Scenes of Mr. Skin’s First 10 Years Hit a Hot High as Jessica Biel Peels and Reveals in Powder Blue

As celebrates its 10th Anniversary in 2009, let’s take a look back at the scintillating celebrity ingenudes who dared to bare on-camera for the first time in each year since we began fast-forwarding to the good parts.

Jessica Biel Nude in Powder Blue

Jessica Biel, stripper? Yes, in the upcoming drama Powder Blue. But unlike Jessica Alba in Sin City and Lindsay Lohan in I Know Who Killed Me, does Jessica Biel actually strip nude in Powder Blue? The naked truth: fuck, yes!

(1:08) Jessica Biel puffs a cigarette, struts on-stage at a strip club, dances with wild sexual abandon, rips off her top to expose her nude boobs, and then douses her naked nipples with wax from a lit candle.

(1:24) We get another look at nude Jessica Biel’s large breasts as she does a dude in bed, followed by a fantastic shot of her famous bubble butt. Jessica Biel’s naked tits and ass are the celebrity nudity debut of the decade.

Anna Paquin in True Blood
At age 11, Anna Paquin won a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for The Piano. She then tickled more than our ivories as she went on to blossom into a young sexpot with big tits electrically filling out her skintight costume as Rogue in the X-Men movies.

As lead character Sookie Stackhouse on the HBO vampire series True Blood, Anna drove wooden stakes through many a viewer's pants by finally busting out her large and luscious naked breasts. Fangs for the mammaries!

Natalie Portman2007
Natalie Portman in Hotel Chevalier
Natalie Portman initially captured the public’s attention as a child star in the hitman flick The Professional (1994). From there, this Israeli-born eyeful developed into a lean, petite, luminous beauty who brought her natural other-worldly allure to the role of Padme/Queen Amidala in the Star Wars prequels.

After she stripped to a thong in Closer (2004) and provided fleeting flashes of flesh in Goya’s Ghosts (2006), Natalie Portman’s incredible nude ass turned upand turned the whole world onin Hotel Chevalier, a short film made by writer-director Wes Anderson to accompany his feature The Darjeeling Limited (2007). Natalie Portman’s naked butt is tough to beatbut not, alas, to beat off to.

Brittany Daniel in RampageBrittany Daniel
Sunshine State native Brittany Daniel blew away all other hard-bodied blondes earlier this decade with her tight buck-skin top and slit Daisy Duke shorts in
Joe Dirt (2001) and a series of teeny bikinis in Club Dread (2004).

So when she finally unveiled the choice bits beneath those sexy scraps keeping them covered, Brittany Daniel got nude in mo(i)st speactacular fashion.

Rampage: The Hillside Strangler Murders showcases Brittany Daniel’s naked tits in the tub and her absolutely amazing ass nude outdoors, as well as her lesbian sex make-out with Michelle Borth during a bisexual threeway scene. Watch Britney Daniel nude in The Hillside Strangler and prepare your chicken to be choked.

Anne Hathaway2005
Anne Hathaway in Havoc
To a generation of young girls, Anne Hathaway is the wholesome Disney starlet of the Princess Diaries family film series. All that changed with Havoc, where Anne goes topless three times, reinventing herself as a beauty built for grown-up fun.

Portraying a troubled teen in Havoc, Anne Hathaway takes off her top while making out in a car, and again when she shoots a home porn video, and finally as she gets with a gang-banger in a motel room. This Princess proves to be a real naked dairy queen.

Neve Campbell in When Will I Be LovedNeve Campbell
Boob-tube babe Neve Campbell became a star in the 1990s on the Fox TV family series
Party of Five, and then she re-skin-vented herself in the new millennium as one of Hollywood’s most outstandingly naked figures in When Will I Be Loved, where she busts out her Party of Two.

In fact, you’ll start loving When Will I Be Loved immediately, as it opens with Neve Campbell nude in the shower, soaping her naked tits and ass. And, like Neve's deliciously inverted nipples, you'll pop right out, too.

Christina RicciChristina Ricci in Prozac Nation
From her breakthrough as goth-moppet Wednesday in The Addams Family movies to her late-'90s busty blossoming as a brickhouse-built indie-film queen in Buffalo 66 and The Opposite of Sex, Christina Ricci’s talents grew to match her ever-expanding bustline.

Christina Ricci first exposes her huge tits just four minutes into the crazy-girl saga Prozac Nation. The movie was shot in 2001 but not released for two years. Christina Ricci’s big boobs are so nakedly hot, perhaps the public had to be protected. Certainly those two suckers are a lot to handle!

Christina Aguilera in MTV's DiaryChristina Aguilera
Pop tart Christina Aguilera first stormed the charts in 1999, where she did bodacious battle up and down the radio dial with her fellow former Mousketeer
Britney Spears.

And although we have all subsequently seen Britney Spears’s bald pussy, Christina actually beat her to the celebrity nudity punch in 2002, on an episode of the MTV series Diary. While gyrating to a hip-hop beat, Christina shakes her big tits, which she thinks are covered by her wild strands of sexy hair.

But, no, those massive Christina Aguilera boobs can not be contained, and we see them both nude and huge, complete with lip-smacking nipple rings. You’ll rub more than just some genie in a bottle.

Piper Perabo2001
Piper Perabo in Lost and Delirious
In 2000, Coyote Ugly launched Piper Perabo on the path to stardom, and just a year later, this hot, full-lipped, athletically built beauty leapt to the next level by getting it on with giant-jugged Jessica Pare nude in torrid lesbian sex scenes in the all-girl high-school romance Lost and Delirious.

Piper and Jessica play teen roommates at a boarding academy in Lost and Delirious. These budding young hotties discover the joys of going girl-girl crazy, and we watch them grinding their nude pussies together, as well as passionately making out during intense Sapphic sex sessions.

Piper Perabo’s boobs are small and delicious. Jessica Pare’s big tits are the stuff of lustful legend. Put them together (as they dohot, wet, and in the raw) and you’ve got a naked teen lesbian classic!

2000Amanda Peet
Amanda Peet in The Whole Nine Yards
Smolderingly sexy Amanda Peet not only stunned the world with her breakout comic performance in the Bruce Willis mafia farce The Whole Nine Yards, she made moviegoers gasp and butter their own popcorn with her shocking nude scene that comes out of nowhereand comes hardat the one-hour-six-minute mark.

As mobsters swarm a suburban house, wanna-be contract killer Amanda steps into a hallway topless. Her incredibly firm, pert, perfect breasts naturally distract the thugs, who she then executes with a blaze of gunfire. Amanda celebrates afterward by leaning out of a window, showing her naked boobs to the whole neighborhoodand us.

It appears that Amanda may have first gone nude in a 1997 obscurity tantalizingly titled Touch Me. But until those facts and figures can be verified, let’s just honor the star-making moment when Amanda Peet blew us away playing Tits and Assassin. Talk about a sex pistol!