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Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 (1998)

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Before everyone's favorite ex-model turned Republican filmmaker Vincent Gallo was battling it out with Roger Ebert over how much The Brown Bunny (2003) blew despite the unsimulated getting blown scene, Vincent made his directorial debut with the romantic crime comedy Buffalo '66 (1998). Vincent took the lead in this one, playing an ex-con named Billy Brown. Fresh out the joint, Billy wants his parents to be proud, so he decides to pretend he hasn't been in prison, and kidnaps Layla, played by the always snatchable Christina Ricci, to pretend to be his loving wife. When she accepts the role with the dude who is breaking parole, Layla realizes that Billy's family is inansely dysfunctional, and it ends up the only reason he was in jail for so long was as a favor to a bookie (Mickey Rourke) he owed a ton of money on thanks to The Buffalo Bills blowing a Super Bowl. Of course, the two fall in love but Billy has commited to killing the field goal kicker who blew the game and ruined his life all those years back. When he finally finds him, is he gonna blow the dude's head off, or let bygones be bygones and keep getting blown by Layla? He's not from Buffalo but if Mr. Skin was looking for a curvy cutie to fake marry so he could show the rents he was kiling it in life, Miss Ricci would definitely fit the bill. Christina is not as revealing as she was in Prozac Nation (2001), but watching her pills bouncing behind a shirt is still going to make your buffalo girls come out tonight! Miss Ricci is constantly in a baby blue, baby dress and oh baby is it sexy! Her boobs are constantly bouncing in it, and when those jugs are jiggling, she's as hot as a Buffalo wing and will have you playing with your thing! This busty but petite babe is an absolute treat! We only wish we got to see her in the buff, in Buffalo '66