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Diary (2002)

Brief Nudity

Dear Diary: Today I learned that MTV had this great program called Diary. It was a confessional-style documentary that hightlighted a different artist each episode, inviting the audience to experience their day-to-day life. And diary, was it ever hot! I got to see Jessica Alba sunbathing in a teeny string bikini and then took in the sight of Christina Aguilera showing off her naked nip jewelry during a shirts-optional photo shoot! Sadly the show was canceled in 2006, but Diary, I can still watch the best clips at MrSkin.com!

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Nude, breasts Less "Diary" and more "dairy" as Xtina gives peeps of pierced plonkers peeping through her hair. (19 secs)


Jessica Alba

Sexy - as Herselfbikini

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Christina Aguilera

Nude - as Herselfbreasts

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