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Intrigo a Cuba ...A Positive Life!!!

Intrigo a Cuba ...A Positive Life!!! (2004)

Great Nudity!


Intrigo a Cuba… A Positive Life!!! (2004) is an Italian sex comedy about four Italian friends who travel from their home to Cuba to help solve an international crisis. While in Cuba, however, they find that their interest skew more towards bedding a bunch of Cuban babes rather than helping the government take care of whatever it is they sent them there to do. It's unfortunately the kind of film that devotes more time to showing babes in bikinis than fully naked ones, but it's got some pretty hot stuff cooking nevertheless.  Carolina Marconi is responsible for the film's only nudity, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with that as this is one smoking hot Cuban babe. Her casabas and can will present your Cuban missile with a crisis of its own! The film's other comely Cuban lady is Alessia Merz who keeps all her best bits tucked away, but still looks amazing in the various skimpy bikinis they outfit her with. These Cuban cuties will have you chomping your cigar!