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Private (2003)

Great Nudity!

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Italian eroticist Tinto Brass specializes in movies about getting ass, but most of his most well known stuff was made in the seventies. That's a shame because he made plenty of great, more contemporary films like his series of sexy vignettes tied together in a delightfully decadent bow flick called Private (2003). The six dirty stories collected here are each filled with enough full-frontal nudity and wild sex to make the brass at Skin Central blush. From spicing up the marriage by letting the wife cheat only for you to join the action yourself, to women getting revenge on their cheating husbands by doing younger, hotter dudes in return, dominatrixes working for high powered people, and even a bored couple deciding that having sex in public just might be the key to spicing up their suddenly dull relationship, every story entirely revolves around sex. Outside of one beej scene, all the dongs in this one are prosthetics, but the female nudity is entirely the real deal. And there's a whole lot of it! Highlights include a young, ponytailed Federica Tommasi doing a wild striptease out of her skirt for a businessman, including bending over to show backburger when she ends up on her knees, stroking his cock. We knew we shoulda traded stock! Raffaella Ponzo and Virginia Barrrett show everything during some very real lesbian sex while they're both dressed up as maids who like to get dirty with each other. Not to be outdone, Grazia Morelli and Maruska Albertazzi have one of the weirder scenes, where Maruska is stripped down and placed on a toilet, only for Grazia to stick her hand between her legs and taste the tinkle. No Grazie, Grazia. We'll happily engage in some normal stuff, though. Sara Cosmi gets naked for the gyno, which had us horny as a rhino, then we watch in very graphic detail as she gets off during his examination. The best parts of Private are all the shots of private parts!