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Intimacy (2000)

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Not every art house flick of requited lust and denied relationships features footage of actual fellatio, and those that do generally suck (and not in the good way), including the oral suction only to distract from the less than stellar plot and acting. Intimacy (2000) is that rare instance of high aspirations and animalistic rutting blending in an entertaining, moving exploration of unleashed sensuality and fettered love. Jay (played by Mark Rylance) is unhappy and wants to have lots of sex. Claire (the lovely Kerry Fox) also wants to have lots of sex. The two indulge in each other, meeting every Wednesday in anonymity and passion. The skinematic scenarios are brilliant, including the aforementioned BJ. Half an hour into the proceedings, a deeply emotive, deeply passionate Claire takes the penis of Jay deeply into her gullet. The effect is sensational without being sensationalistic. For the rest of the film, Jay decides he would like to have love along with his carnal knowledge of Claire, and sets about to create a deeper connections -- which Claire could really do without. While clothed during the act of sucking penis in a doorway, there are many instances where you can see just about every inch of Kerry. And the sex? Unsimulated. In fact, several scenes were cut before the film was released in the United States due to that very fact. Look for uncut versions if you want to see all the glory in its entirety, and while you're watching, look for an appearance by the legendary rocker Marianne Faithfull.