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I, Portrait

I, Portrait (2021)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


You just have to love the honeymoon phase of a marriage, you have sex all the time, you love hanging out together, and even bad meals taste good just because you're hanging out with your hubby.  Carmen (Natalie Heslop) and Julian (Nathan Hill) are that perfectly in love newlywed couple and everything in their lives seems perfect.  He's a success business man, she's a budding artist and painter who has her own studio at home, and their coastal Australian home is right near the beach even.  Everything is coming up Carmen and Julian, that is until Carmen's old high school friend Stephanie (Sienna Stass) drops in for a visit.  Carmen hasn't seen Steph since the end of high school pretty much, but she's in a jam and needs a place to stay, so the kind hearted couple are quick to offer her the spare bedroom.  Everyone is getting along just swimmingly until Stephanie decides that she deserves the perfect life and husband and house and maybe her real name isn't Stephanie at all!  As it turns out, this newlywed couple let in a deranged woman who is laying the make on the husband, plotting against the mrs. and has a checkered past that might include multiple visits to the nut house and a few stalkings on her rap sheet!  The sneaky Stephanie even crawls under the blankets to give a "thank you" blowjob to Julian much to his surprise when Carmen is away.  Lucky for us, stars Natalie Heslop burns up the screen with her bobbling boobies in a sex scene with hubby and model turned actress Sienna Stass has a couple of scenes where she "paddles the pink canoe" in her pants in this Aussie thriller!