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Human Nature

Human Nature (2001)

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In Human Nature (2001) we get the classic Hollywood love triangle trope: hairy honey loves uptight scientist who'd rather love his hot French assistant--and then an ape-man comes in and spoils everything! Well, it's typical of Charlie Kaufman, screenwriter of Being John Malkovich (1999), Adaptation (2002), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) and all sorts of other strange stuff. In the Michel Gondry directed film, Patricia Arquette plays Lila, the woman with a condition that makes hair grow all over her body. After doing the freak show circuit (Still would. Wouldn't even hesitate), she became a recluse and successful writer before she got lonely and horny, and decided to shave her hair and return to the world in search of a man. While dating the extremely Conservative Dr. Nathan Bronfman (Tim Robbins), the pair meet Puff (Rhys Ifans), an ape-man unable and unwilling to hide his constant sexual urges. The doc tries to do a little My Fair Lady-ing with him, even going so far as to use an electric shock collar to keep his libido in check. It fails, in part because the doctor is too distracted by the French fox Gabrielle (Miranda Otto) to put his heart and soul into it, and soon enough Lila and Puff run away to live in the woods, together. Throw in some murder, a few double crosses, and you'll be wondering what kind of stuff Charlie Kaufman was puffing when he came up with this one. But even if it's an odd movie, it's a full of hot bods movie! Miranda Otto looks super hotto stripping her thin body down to a bra and panties, but if we're being honest she doesn't have the amazing naturals of a Laura Grady or a Patricia Arquette. Laura has a great shot of T&A while she strips down for the camera, but it's Patricia who is constantly showing all three B's as the wild woman living in the woods. Sure, sometimes she's a bit Sasquatch-like, but what's a little hair when it's covering a perfect pair? We're only human, so we can't get enough of those ladies going au naturale in Human Nature!