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Horrors of Spider Island

Horrors of Spider Island (1960)

No Nudity
  • Genres: Horror
  • Directed by: Fritz Böttger
  • Rated: NR
  • Theatrical Release: 03/01/1962
  • Country: Germany
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Horrors of Spider Island (1960) is a creature feature that will bite you with frights. Don't worry - there are some hot babes in the movie, too. Don't let your arachnophobia stop you from getting thrills from these babes. Fritz Bottger directed and wrote this film from the 1960s in which a group of people survives a plane crash that winds up crashing in a very remote and mysterious island. Sounds okay, right? Wrong! The island just so happens to be crawling with spiders - don't mind the pun, please. Not only that, but when the spiders bite the people, they then turn into spiders themselves. Talk about a hairy situation! While this group of unfortunate survivors struggles to free themselves from this troubling web that they have gotten themselves in, we are focused on the sexy survivors who are down to their bikinis. That is the uniform for island survival, obviously. Barbara Valentin plays Babs, Elfie Wagner plays Linda, Helga Neuner plays Ann, and Eva Schauland plays Nelly. These black-and-white babes all get down to skivvies and bathing suits in several surprising scenes for a 60s movie. Barbara is in her bikini as she is surrounded by a bunch of other babes in theirs before they end up on spider island. Elfie unzips her dress and shows off her strapless bra and undies for a lucky man behind a desk. Helga dances in a skimpy bathing suit with a guy and Eva has the hottest scene when she showers outdoors. Spider Island looks pretty hot!