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Stung (2015)

No Nudity

Top Scene


Stung (2015) is, unsurprisingly, about a group of massive, human-killing wasps that are hellbent on destroying a perfectly good dinner for the mayor. The havoc begins when Julia (Jessica Cook), the owner of a small catering company, and her same-age employee Paul (Matt O'Leary) set off for a creepy mansion, where a big dinner is being held. The dinner is going swimmingly until Paul starts finding mice-sized wasps everywhere. He warns everyone that this place is bad, but no one listens, and a dude gets stung eventually. Not only does the poor man die, but he also erupts Alien-style, giving birth to a 7-foot-tall wasp that tries to kill everyone. There's more than one wasp, because this is a horror movie, and the group tries to fight them off one by one all while Paul tries to win the affections of Julia. Luckily, it works! We get to see a skintastic cleavage shot of Cook with her bra straps pulled down while she's hooking up with O'Leary in the back of an ambulance! You won't get stung watching this one, but you might just feel like it.