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Horizon Line

Horizon Line (2020)

No Nudity

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Horizon Line (2020) is a thriller about a couple who are chartering a small airplane to a tropical island where they are going to a wedding. However, things get complicated and dangerous when the pilot suddenly suffers a heart attack. Oh no! Mikael Marcimain directed this high-octane action film where the couple now has to figure out what to do on the plane and how to get to this wedding on time. This is a very fun film to watch, and it is made even more watchable because it involves some sexy stars showing up in their bathing suits. How does that sound? Great? Okay, then keep reading and we will describe exactly who does what. Allison Williams stars as Sara, one-half of the couple, and while her character goes through a very tough situation throughout the film, she does offer some sexy relief when she shows up barely dressed. In one very sunny outdoor scene, Allison Williams wears a one-piece swimsuit that clings to her sexy body. She shows off her long and lean figure, as she always does, with confidence. As she should! She looks fantastic. Her co-star looks just as good. Pearl Mackie plays Pascale and she wears a floral two-piece bikini that shows off slight midriff and cleavage. She looks so good! This is one of the most delicious looks we have been able to snag of actress Pearl Mackie who looks more like a diamond here than a pearl. Pearl Mackie will definitely make you want to wacky!