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Hate Story

Hate Story (2012)

No Nudity


Hate Story (2012) is aptly named—it's an erotic thriller about a woman, done wrong by a horrible, menacing man, who seeks revenge, bartering her body and what's left of her life in the pursuit of vengeance. The setting is corporate India, where business tycoons and billionaires abound, dabbling in sex, black market deals, and illegal acts of torture to get what they want, in and out of the office. When Kaavya Krishna (Paoli Dam) writes an expose about Siddharth Dhanrajgir's company, she thinks little of it. He soon hires her at three times her salary and takes her on a business trip, where he seduces her. The next day, she realizes he has fired her, only to find he was seeking revenge—not love.  Soon after, she realizes she's pregnant with Siddharth's baby. When he finds out, he kidnaps her, kills the fetus, and removes the rest of her ovaries, rendering her infertile. Distraught and hopeless, she seeks revenge by becoming a sex worker and infiltrating his circles. As the tagline would suggest, "Love killed her soul, her body seeks revenge." Needless to say, Paoli Dam spends quite a bit of time getting it on with hot and bothered billionaires, baring her titillating cleavage in the process. This may be a hate story, but we love Paoli's perky pair!