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Hisss (2010)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


The Indian movie Hisss (2010), not to be confused with the American film Sssssss (1973), is equal parts fantasy, horror and thriller while being one hundred percent sexy! In fact, its leading lady promoted the pic by posing with a Burmese python on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. Granted, the chiller diller wound up being a critical bomb, yet it still manages to perform in spank banks on both sides of the pond. Thanks to writer/director Jennifer Chambers Lynch, the skinternational flick follows George States (Jeff Doucette), a man who is desperate to cure his brain cancer. With just six months to live, the guy tries to obtain immortality by extracting the blood from a supernatural shape-shifter who changes between human and cobra. When the female snake sheds her skin, she becomes an evil woman named Nagin (Mallika Sherawat). Luckily for us, this curvaceous babe flaunts her heaving cleavage in a bikini top as she dances during the Indian Holi celebration. In other words, Ms. Sherawat puts the motion into this motion picture. Later, a naked Nagin is caught inside of a net. When a man rescues her, audiences can see her breasts, bush and butt! If that’s not hot enough, we are also treated to views of her body double’s nude booty 12 minutes into the movie. After another 25 minutes, the sexy brunette bares her gams, mams, and ass whilst slithering up a light post. Needless to say, she can climb up Mr. Skin’s post any day!