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Chimera Strain

Chimera Strain (2018)

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Chimera Stain (2021) about a scientist with the disturbing idea to freeze his children alive as he tries to find an immortal jellyfish that will help decode the DNA structure of a genetic illness that plagues all of his children. What a wild start to a movie, right? Will he be successful? Will he use this "science" for his own evil purposes? You will have to watch this film to find out. The only thing we are willing to spoil is all of the hot women that you get to see in the film. One sexy actress to watch is Susan Lombardi Verticelli who stars in the film in the Embryo Farm Woman and lays on her back in a lab while a machine is attached to her midsection. The camera shows off her beautiful boobs that are complete with very perky nips. It must be cold in that lab! Next up is Karishma Ahluwalia whose breasts are exposed as a doctor listens to her heartbeat. Next up is Jennifer Gjulameti's boobs are shown as the sheet is pulled back to release a big wound on her chest. Finally, we can check out Jenna Harris who takes off her clothes in front of a mirror. We can check her out from the side as her sweater comes off to show off her black bra. Then her pants and panties both slip off to reveal her booty and her long legs. The bra then comes off and her breasts leave us straining on our eyes to take in all that beauty!