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Grandma's Boy

Grandma's Boy (2006)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Adam Sandler movie cameo kings Peter Dante, Nick Swardson, Jonathan Loughran, and Allen Covert all teamed up to try and make it on their own with the cult classic, Happy Madison produced comedy Grandma's Boy (2006). The story follows a hapless video-game tester named Alex (Allen Covert), who is developing his own kick-ass video game in the spare time he's not testing big name titles. But when his roomie (Jonathan Loughran) loses all his cash buying Filipino hookers, Alex gets kicked out of his apartment and after trying all sorts of subpar living situations, ends up having to live with his Grandma (Shirley Jones). Alex starts feuding with the creator of the videogame he's working on (Joel Moore) when they both fall for the same girl at work (Linda Cardellini). But living with granny is going to dry up any girl's panties, so Alex is desperate for his homemade game to be a huge hit. The generational comic gap has never been exploited as well as it is here as we watch granny discover the joys of smoking joints and gaming. This flick is both funny in a knee-slapping way and sexy in a different kind of slapping way, thanks to the huge tits of Heidi Hawking, who plays the girl at the party you want to party with. In other words, she's topless, and she's got a lot up top to expose. Back before Jonah Hill was a serious actor, but a super fat funny dude instead, we got to watch him get propositioned for a little dairy treat by Heidi after she takes her bikini top off during a party at nana's house. Later she'll ride him and let him slap her thing covered ass, before he gets another taste of that sweet teet treat as she munches on popcorn. Hubba hubba, we want to share that bubba! Take your pants off and have a grand old time with Heidi's work in Grandma's Boy!