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Gold Digger

Gold Digger (2019)

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The BBC miniseries Gold Digger (2019) tells the age old tale of wealthy older woman Julia (Julia Ormond) who falls for a much younger man (Ben Barnes), causing all manner of consternation in her family about his intentions. While all of her adult children cast a suspicious eye on the younger man Benjamin, as it is obvious to them that he has some deep dark secrets he's not revealing, it also calls into question what they themselves might be hiding in the bargain. While Julia seems like she's perhaps a bit sheltered and not ready to plunge into a new relationship, being newly divorced and all, but while her family may be suspicious of her mental state, she shows behind the scenes that she's as sharp as she's ever been. The show revolves around the intrigue involved in such a predicament. So often older men have young, gold digging trophy wives and no one bats an eyelash, but when the woman has the money and the man is young, dumb, and full of cum, skeptics come out of the wood work. While there is sadly no nudity in the series, we do get some sexy looks at the always amazing and ageless Julia Ormond in her undies! Jemima Rooper and Maeve Dermody also share a sapphic smooch, while Yasmine Akram and Nikki Amuk-Bird also give the world a taste of their sexiness in their underwear! So whether you're an aspiring gold digger or you got taken advantage of by one, you'll love Gold Digger!