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Labyrinth (2012)

Great Nudity!

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Two women living in very different eras search for the Holy Grail in the SKINternational 2012 TV mini-series Labyrinth. Based on the 2005 novel of the same name, not the 1986 David Bowie codpiece spectacular, Vanessa Kirby stars as Alice Tanner, a modern-day archaeologist working in France who discovers a strange artifact -- a ring inscribed with a labyrinth symbol-- while volunteering at an archaeological dig. Putting on the ring, she realizes it has some mysterious powers, and though she tries to keep the whole thing under wraps soon enough she's being chased through the streets by a shadowy organization. Ends up, the cup of Christ and the ring have some sort of connection, and Miss Tanner really needs to figure out what it is. At the same time, but thousands of years in the past, Jessica Brown Findlay stars as her medieval equivalent, Alaïs Pelletier du Mas, a newlywed charged with protecting the Holy Grail from marauding Crusaders in 12th-century France. She's vowed to protect the grail to her last dying breath, and if the body in the cave is her, she might end up doing just that. We love Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), but that one never had any grail seeker showing skin while getting laid! As we flip back and forth between time periods, viewers never flipped back and forth between channels, since every now and again, somebody would take their clothes off on this one! Vanessa keeps her treasures under wraps, but we do get a good look at Jessica's golden goblets getting out of bed, as well as a quick shot of her can as she stands up. Meanwhile, nudecomer Katie McGrath's T&A are on display as she takes it from behind, then has a naked chat in a barn. Sadly, however, the quest for their Hole-y Chalices continues. Still, you can drink in the topless tail as they protect the grail! Choose either timeline and you'll have a woman that's fine on Labyrinth!