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Giants Being Lonely

Giants Being Lonely (2019)

Brief Nudity

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After you go above little league in the world of baseball, things can get ultra competitive.  Federation ball, travel ball, and high school ball are no joke, especially for small towns in the southern United States.  Kids as young as 16 years old are small town heroes with the weight of "making it big" in the pros weighing over them.  In this indie flick, Giants Being Lonely, we follow two kids on the opposite side of the tracks and their life on their small town high school's baseball team.  Bobby White (Jack Irving) is the poorest kid in town with a drunk dad and no mom, but he had the baseball gods reach down and give him a rocket for an arm, so he could very well be on his way.  For Adam (Ben Irving) though, his family has some money and his dad is the hard-headed bully of a coach for the team, but his talent is overshadowed by his dad trying to make an example out of him at every corner.  When both of these kids are on the field, everything makes sense to them, but when they step off the diamond, nothing is certain and they regularly face the worst of the worst at home.  Things get especially troublesome for Bobby when he starts to sleep with Mrs. S. (Amalia Culp), who also happens to be Adam's mom and Coach's wife.  This heart-wrencher is going to make you want to move to this small town to save these emotionally abused ballplayers! You might also want to move to this town for Coach's wife because Amalia Culp is scalding hot and we can definitely show her some big "cuts" in the batting cage before taking her home, if baseball is her thing!  She makes her Nude-Comer debut in this one for our viewing pleasure.