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The Republic of Two

The Republic of Two (2013)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


The Republic of Two (2013) is a dramedy that deals with the age old question, "is it possible for a man and a woman to platonically co-habitate?" It mainly focuses on aspiring doctor Tim (Brent Bailey) and aimless wanderer Caroline (Janet Montgomery) and their quest to find happiness independent of one another, though sometimes things don't work out exactly the way they planned. The film features some pretty great nudity from two terrifically hot ladies. The mouthwatering Meryl Bush bares her breasts while getting screwed by a guy at the 26 minute mark, and then at the 1:23 mark, Karen Schantz is riding a guy and bares her beautiful breasts while doing so! We also get some shower sexiness from Janet Montgomery, who is naked but hiding behind frosted glass sadly! The Republic of Two is the perfect movie for the Republic of Three in your pants!