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Georgia Rule

Georgia Rule (2007)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Teen terror Lindsay Lohan is out of control—she's a swearing, shrieking, booze-swilling wreck and her mom Felicity Huffman has had it up to here with her, in Georgia Rule (2007). Capitalizing on Lin-Lo's reputation as a party girl, Garry Marshall cast her as Rachel, a wild child tearing up the streets of San Francisco until a car crash leads her mom (Felicity Huffman) to pack up their stuff and drag Rachel to Idaho. What's in Idaho? Potato's, farms, a whole lot of nothing, but also Rachel's no nonsense God fearing granny Georgia (Jane Fonda). Miserable Rachel has to spend the whole summer with this bummer, but after taking a job a the local vet's office, she shakes the local Mormons to their foundations, gobbling the goober of a local good boy (Garrett Hedlund) and just generally acting like late 2000's Lindsay Lohan. But gradually she begins to open up to Granny, show some compassion for her poor old mom, and reveal the dark secret from her past that have been leading her to lash out at everyone. As a rule of thumb, out of control party girls tend to take their tops off a whole lot. But despite the whole movie being about how out of control Lindsay Lohan's character is, she never flashes any skin. All we get from America's favorite ginger former Disney kid is a shot of her looking all sorts of nippy in a white tank top, a panty shot as she shows her cheeks to Cary Elwes, her putting her hair in pigtails while wearing a nighty and attempting to seduce Dermot Mulroney, and a scene where she slips her panties off during a fishing trip with the local Mormon boy, who seems to care more about catching bass than playing with her ass. Take your eyes off the bobber, unzip and let her slobber! Instead, it's Felicity Huffman who flashes just a baby bit of ass as she and Jane Fonda fight while Felicity is in a bra and panties. It's an okay look, but it sure would have ruled if we got way more nudity from Lindsay and Felicity in Georgia Rule