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Gangs of Galicia

Gangs of Galicia (2024-)

Brief Nudity


Also known as Clanes, this Spanish drama series centers on a successful lawyer in Madrid named Ana Soriano (Clara Lago) whose father is mysteriously killed while taking a tourist couple out on his boat. Two months later and no closer to tracking the murderous couple down, Ana joins her mother for the reading of her father’s will and they discover her father had a secret bank account, the contents of which are left to two women living in the Pontevedra region of Galicia, but given to them secretly as if by anonymous donation. Ana’s curiosity leads her to discover that her father led a previous life as part of a drug gang in northwestern Spain, and he had also been under witness protection for turning against the gang. Ana decides to quit her job and move to Cambados, a small town in Pontevedra, and learn more about her father by connecting with Daniel (Tomar Novas), the son of the leader of the Padín clan, the drug trafficking gang of her father’s past. Things get hot and heavy between the two of them, and before you know it, we’re seeing Clara’s casabas while they smash in the bathtub. Gangs will have you rub-a-dub-dubbing yourself while you watch!