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Ex Machina

Ex Machina (2015)

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Alex Garland's mindbending sci-fi drama Ex Machina (2015) brings up some difficult questions, while providing just enough nudity to keep you hard. Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson) works for a large internet company. Thanks to his coding skills, Caleb wins a competition that will allow him to spend a week with the company’s CEO Nathan (Oscar Isaac) alone in the middle of nowhere. While there, Caleb finds out the CEO has created the world’s first true artificial intelligence, a robot named Ava (Alicia Vikander) designed to look like a beautiful woman. But Nathan isn't hiding that fact. He wants Caleb to know Ava is a robot. The real question is, whether Caleb will fall in love with her despite knowing she's made of nuts and bolts. And if he does, then what? While Caleb wrestles with the hard questions, you will be wrestling with your hard shaft when you check out Alicia Vikander as a sexy robot who sports a little camel toe and delivers a bit of nipple before finally going full frontal. After getting her full human skin, Alicia stands in front of a mirror and checks herself out. Her perky pair, sweet cheeks and trimmed bush are in full view during this long scene. Our erector set never gave us this kind of erection! A bit later as Caleb watches several hot android women be built and interacted with, all while fully nude. You will be interacting with your now throbbing mandroid as Claire Selby, Sonoya Mizuno, Symara A. Templeman and Elina Alminas are all featured topless and going full frontal while walking around their holding rooms in the raw. With tits, ass, bush, and some sensual outfits in plentiful supply, the sex machines of Ex Machina will have you spewing goo all over your keyboard!