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Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II (1987)

No Nudity

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Fire up your chainsaws and batten down the hatches, because you’re in for a gory good time with Evil Dead II (aka Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn) (1987). Bruce Campbell reprises his role as Ash in this semi-sequel, semi-remake of Raimi’s own The Evil Dead (1981). As in the first film, a group of people holed up in a cabin are beset by flesh-hungry demons, but this time Ash is accompanied by his girlfriend Linda (Denise Bixler) and the family of missing archaeologist Professor Raymond Knowby (John Peakes), who (sk)interrupt Ash and Linda’s romantic rendezvous when they come looking for the fabled Book of the Dead. Oh, this Book of the Dead? The one that turned my girlfriend into a headless, blood-spraying, eyeball-eating monster?  Yeah, it’s right here. Before the Hell-bound hijinx commence, take a moment to rev your own engine with Denise’s groovy pantsless dance scene. Your palms will be red by dawn!