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Ellie (1984)

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Ellie (1984) is a hicksploitation classic that takes place in the deep south, where according to this movie the fellas are backwoods morons and the women are somehow the hottest, bustiest babes you've ever seen in your life. The hottest of these rednecks is the blonde with the body that screams sex, Ellie (Shella Kennedy). In this offbeat comedy you' can beat off to, Ellie witnesses the murder of her father at the hands of her new stepmother Cora (Shelley Winters), when right after he signs over all his possessions to her in the will, she launches his wheelchair down the hill, then sits on him to make sure he drowns in the river he crashes into. But Cora's not alone in her criminal scheme. She's got three dumb stepsons helping her out. After witnessing the killing, Ellie vows to avenge her pops using her best weapon: her bod. Since these stepbros are too stupid to realize she doesn't actually want to step into their bedrooms, their dickens make them easy pickins! Let the hilarity begin! Quite the TITular character indeed, obviously Ellie needs to use the full capabilities of her body to make things happen. Across three scenes of full body anti-crime, Ellie bares it all: boobs, bush, and butt, all for her dear ol’ dad. I bet he would be so proud! One dummy ends up dropped when he falls off a cliff taking pictures of her, full frontal. One is done in when he chases after her bare ass on a motorcycle, and another has such wild sex with her, that Ellie's stepmom is scared there's an earthquake. She might end up barefoot and pregnant in a trailer with a huge beer belly, but back in her day nobody was hotter than Ellie!