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+1 (2013)

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The party of the century turns into a surreal ego trip in the sci-fi sex-fest +1 (2013). David (Rhys Wakefield) is down in the dumps after his girlfriend Jill (Ashley Hinshaw) dumps him for groping a hottie he thought was her. Whoops. Like any dude knows, the only way to get over it is to hit up the wildest party in town, so his boy Teddy (Logan Miller) takes him to a gigantic warehouse party that Jill happens to also be attending. While there, a comet hits earth, and with it comes a strange electromagnetic phenomenon that has everyone seeing double. Yes, everyone's doppelganger mysteriously appears at the party, and nobody is sure who's the OG, who's the clone, and what were in these drugs we've all been taking? What would you do when faced with your clone? Kick his ass? Offer him a shot? Watch Coherence (2013) together and try to figure out how two movies so similar came out so close in time to each other? All are solid options, but if you're Suzanne Dengel you hook up with yourself. Yes, you'll be doing some self-loving watching Suzanne make out with her just as ginger, double! We know what we'd do with two of Natalie Hall, who bares party-girl pontoons and plump rump in seven stupendous topless scenes. At one point the booby blonde even rides a dude so hard they go flying off the bed, and she doesn't stop for a second before demanding they do it on the floor! Talk about double the pleasure! Another clone we'd like to bone, Crystal Lo is a naked body getting sushi eaten off of her until, lo and behold, she hops up and starts kicking ass! Watch for the wild T&A as she throws some killer karate kicks at some poor schlub. Our favorite pair, Marla Malcolm dumps em out during a flashing scene at the party, while Ronke and Chrissy Chambers use their hands to hide their mams at the same wild shindig. We dig it! You might face an existential crisis when confronted by an exact copy of yourself, but on the plus side, two of all these hotties means double the chance of getting into their pants! If you're looking for skin, +1 will make you bust one.