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Dream Warrior

Dream Warrior (2004)

Brief Nudity

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While the arrival of an apocalypse is a commonly accepted certainty for the future of humankind, most of us lose sight of the possibility that our eventual cataclysmic disaster might arrive thanks to forces beyond those of our own devising. Don't waste your anxiety dreading the coming nuclear aftermath. Nature may have other plans, such as the bleak tomorrows that befall the small bands of survivors who wander the earth of Dream Warrior (2004), inhabiting a planet made barren by contact with a massive meteor. But life is not all scavenge and scrape. Whether due to birth defects or quantum leaps in evolution, a new breed of homo sapiens is being born, imbued with baffling, magical, mystical superpowers. Naturally, the old guard wants these newborns dead and will stop at nothing until humanity's last hope of a better existence to come is ground into the cold dust of a deadened homeland.