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Don't Let Me Die On a Sunday

Don't Let Me Die On a Sunday (1998)

Great Nudity!

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Don’t Let Me Die On a Sunday (1998), also known as J’aimerais pas crever un dimanche, stars Elodie Bouchez. She likes ecstasy, the drug, and when we meet her she’s overdosing in a club. It would be sad, except in the next scene she’s naked in the morgue, so it’s not a total loss. Then things get screwy, literally, when a morgue attendant fucks her corpse, only she’s not a corpse, and comes to as he comes, which must really jolt his orgasm. Does his penis have miraculous properties? Elodie’s father doesn’t care, he’s just happy his daughter is alive. He says if he knew fucking her dead body would bring her back to life he would have paid the attendant to do her. The attendant and Elodie become a couple, then the save a man from jumping off a bridge, and the three have sex. Is this movie great or what?