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Die Stimmen

Die Stimmen (2003)

Brief Nudity


German crime show Die Stimmen, which translates to The Voices, occasionally put some of their country’s hottest hotties on the air to provide the best looking action on their suspenseful storylines. And in the case of actress Julia Dietze, they put her on in a wild and hot sex scene, and unlike American television, they can get away with some toplessness from time to time. Occasionally Julia would look good enough just wearing a tight tank top while braless with her nips poking through, and other times she’d be engaged in riding a guy, and showing us with more than decent views of her more than decent rack. So for those who fancy themselves collectors of the more obscure nude scenes in Julia’s body of work, as well as that of other German bombshells, be sure not to miss her adventurous action on Die Stimmen. Here’s to the women of Die Stimmen.