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Die in a Gunfight

Die in a Gunfight (2021)

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Die in a Gunfight (2021) is one of those films that had a long and arduous journey through development hell before finally getting made. The script first appeared on the notorious Black List way back in 2010, where Zac Efron purchased the rights with an eye on starring in the film himself. Several other actors were attached to the project over the years, including Helen Hunt, Olivia Munn, and Kaya Scodelario, though they all came and went before the film actually got made in 2019, though it still wouldn't be released for another two years! Thankfully they may have ended up with the best female cast imaginable thanks to both Skin favorite Alexandra Daddario and Entourage's Emmanuelle Chriqui ending up in the finished flick! This may indeed be one of those films where the story behind it getting made is actually more interesting than anything that ended up in the final product, which is basically a modern riff on Romeo and Juliet, with Daddario playing the daughter of a crime boss who falls for the son (Diego Boneta) of her father's rival crime boss. It may sound like we're being reductive and bitter, but there's a good reason for that. There's nothing we hate more than a film that wastes the sizable talents of our beloved Alexandra Daddario, and this film frankly doesn't do right by her! She does give us some great cleavage when she and her beau finally get down to business, but the scene cuts away before anything really good gets going! Oh Alexandra, Alexandra, wherefore art thou amazing breasts?