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Deranged (1974)

Brief Nudity

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Deranged (1974) is yet another look at the kooky but deadly career of serial killer Ed Gein. It’s formatted like a documentary, but unlike those after-the-fact screen treatments, this one doesn’t turn descriptions to illustrate its acrostics. It’s graphic and gory, and if you go that way you’ll like this. We learn that Gein was a devoted mama’s boy, only his mother hated women and told him “the wages of sin are syphilis, gonorrhea and death,” without mentioning how much fun it was to get those diseases. Instead, he kills and skins and uses the human pelts to sew masks and other gruesome garments. To each his own. At least his final victim, played by Pat Orr, is hanged naked upside down and we get to see her tush and tits, though he is gutting her at the time.