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Das grosse Fressen (Stageplay)

Das grosse Fressen (Stageplay) (2006)

Great Nudity!


Das grosse Fressen, or The Great Feast, was a German stage adaptation of the 1973 Italian film of the same name. It played in Germany in 2006 and was groundbreaking for many reasons, not least of which because it featured nudity on stage. The story concerns four wealthy men: a pilot, a tv executive, a chef and a judge, who travel together to the judge's villa to gorge on food and eat themselves to death. Boredom sets in quickly, and they call on three prostitutes to join them, only one of which stays until the very end. One of the prostitutes in the stage play was played by Anne Ratte-Polle, and in one fantastic scene, she opens up her silver dress to reveal her regal rack! Her perky peepers look perfectly plucky, despite the fact that one of the rather grotesque men appears to be having his way with her. It would have likely gotten you throw out of the theater had you tried it, but in the comfort of your home, feel free to polish your pole to Anne Ratte-Polle!