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Couple in a Hole

Couple in a Hole (2016)

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Couple in a Hole (2016) follows the minimalistic, brooding nature film aesthetic we're used to (minus the living-inside-a-bear-carcass part). There's little dialogue and geographical range, but it's a powerful movie nonetheless. It begins with a couple who is—yes—living in a hole in a massive forest, foraging for food and creating a very primitive shelter to live inside. It's not a situation born of necessity, as it's not the apocalypse and the couple is financially well-to-do. Instead, it's because they've recently lost their son nearby and are too traumatized to go home, instead opting to live with no human interaction. The wife is particularly resistant to leaving the hole, which becomes a huge problem when she's bitten by a poisonous spider. Her husband has to go off and find her medicine, which complicates their delicate situation even further. As bleak as the premise of the movie may be, there's a small ray of sunshine—not only is Kate Dickie an incredible actress, but she also bares her boobs during a rain shower scene!