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Cherrypicker (2021)

No Nudity

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Canadian comedy is a strange genre unto itself, landing somewhere between broad American comedy and dark European comedy. The Canadian comedy Cherrypicker (2021), also known as Ankle Biters, centers around Laura (Marianthi Evans), single mom to four precocious blonde haired little girls all under the age of 10, who adore their mom and would do anything to ensure her happiness. That's bad news for hockey player Sean (Zion Forrest Lee, who also co-wrote the script), the new man in Laura's life. While he takes a shine to these little girls and obviously cares for their mother very much, they aren't so hot on him. When they catch the pair making love one night, things escalate as they assume that Sean is trying to harm their mother, and set about a plot to make him pay for what they think he's done to their mother. Of course, most of the film's humor comes from these bloodthirsty pint sized little devils attempting to murder a grown man, but there are other Canadian comedy luminaries like Whose Line is it Anyway's Colin Mochrie on hand to make sure these kids don't have to do all the heavy lifting. If you're in to movies about murderous blonde haired children, you could do a lot worse. Sadly, leading lady Marianthi Evans doesn't get nude in the flick, which would've been a nice added bonus! We do get to see her impressive cleavage and bethonged booty as she sports some sexy lingerie, but if you ask us, the real crime of this film is the lack of nudity!