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Castle Freak

Castle Freak (1995)

Brief Nudity

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If there’s one thing the now-defunct Full Moon Entertainment was known for, it was releasing films filled with flesh. And Castle Freak (1995) — not to be confused with the remake Castle Freak (2020) — is no exception. Thanks to its notorious director Stuart Gordon, this direct-to-video horror flick features plenty of skin. The action kicks in when an American family moves to Italy where they’ve inherited a centuries old castle. Of course, it doesn’t take long before Jeffrey Combs (John Reilly), his wife Susan (Barbara Crampton) and their teenaged daughter Rebecca (Jessica Dollarhide) begin to notice strange occurrences in their new home. After the freaky son (Jonathan Fuller) of Duchess D’Orsino (Helen Stirling) eats the cat, the Combs family unearths a terror lurking within the dungeon that may spell the end for all of them. Along the way, we are treated to a little bit of nudity via the comely cast. When the basement freak is holding Rebecca captive, her mom offers up herself in exchange. As such, the good mother opens her blouse to expose her bra-clad rack. During the skintastic act, Ms. Crampton slips a nip! If that’s not arousing enough, a prostitute named Sylvana (Raffaella Offidani) shows off her bare boobs and bush as she gets it on with Jeffrey. Alas, the lass later meets her demise when the family freak butchers her. At least, we get to see her bloody breasts before she goes. In other words, Castle Freak could have you giving your tally-whacker a tweak!