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Cambridge Spies

Cambridge Spies (2003)

Brief Nudity


Cambridge Spies (2003) is a BBC mini-series based on the true story of four young men who attend The University of Cambridge and are recruited by the Moscow government to spy of Britain and pass along all the intelligence and secrets they can gather. The Russkies rely on the young men's penchant for social justice to be the lynchpin with which they can secure their cooperation. Speaking of lynchpins, your love shaft will come to life when you get a load of the luscious Jenna Harrison. Jenna's juicy right jubbly gets exposed as she sits up in bed while chatting with one of the spies. It doesn't take a KGB agent to see that Jenna's jujubes are all you'll need to fill out your dossier. Good thing you don't have to sit through all four hours of this mini-series to get to the good stuff. Jenna Harrison is one dame worth defecting for!