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Coven of Sisters

Coven of Sisters (2020)

Brief Nudity

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Coven of Sisters (2020) is also known simply as "Coven" or Akelarre in its native Basque language. Whatever you call it, you will be intrigued and even chilled to the bone by this fascinating witch drama that takes place in Spain's Basque Region in the early 1600s. In 1609, a young girl named Amaia takes part in a nightly dance ritual in the woods with other girls in her village while their men are away at sea. The twenty-year-old girl experiences freedom and fun in this dance ritual, but she and the other women are all arrested by the time dawn comes by people from the Spanish Inquisition who have come to "purify" the Basque region. What happens next shows the trials and tribulations of these young women who are accused of witchcraft in their village. Pablo Aguero wrote and directed this screenplay that stars Amaia Aberasturi as the main young woman aptly named Amaia. Amaia gives us booty for days when she stands naked in a washbasin with her back to the camera. Check out that plump rump of hers! Her boobs are also bewitching which she shows off in two different scenes that show off her topless chest. In one scene she is being washed and in the other, she is laying on a table topless while men cut her hair. For more breasts, check out Garazi Urkola in her film and nude debut as she does contortions and her gown slips below her breasts. This will make your wand hard!