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Bio Slime

Bio Slime (2010)

Great Nudity!

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Bio Slime (2010), also called Contagion, is essentially a movie about a biological weapon that absorbs porn stars and turns them into a homogenous slime monster. But maybe we should back up. 

Our story begins when a brief case deal goes wrong and is intercepted by a curious alcoholic. He opens it, but alas, it's not money or fun drugs—it's a strange canister that releases slime. He shuts it, barely escaping, when the brief case is intercepted by someone else in the building. She's not as lucky, and is infected and absorbed into the slime. As it grows, it finds a porn set in the building and infects even more (very naked) people, growing stronger and smarter as it goes. No one is able to escape the building, so they have to start experimenting with other gruesome ways to kill and escape the slime. Despite such a buzzkill, all of this did happen on a porn set, meaning that most of the slime victims were naked. We see all three Bs from the very wet Victoria DeMare, who gets some kind of brain orgasm at the hands of an alien, plus Arrin Nash, Roxy DeVille, and the breasts on Gia Paloma. We imagine this is the worst possible scenario when shooting a porno, but they're certainly not the only ones who will be covered in slime by the end of this!