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Big Gold Brick (2022)

No Nudity

Top Scene


A good percentage of people have been in a car crash in one way, shape, or form in their lives.  For failed writer Samuel Liston (Emory Cohen) though, he ends up getting run over, suffers a traumatic brain injury, and is then promptly hired by Floyd Deveraux (Andy Garcia), the driver of the vehicle, to write his life story.  Not a typical course of events after getting hit by a car.  Now he finds his work, personal life, recovery from a brain injury, and pretty much everything tied in with the wildly eccentric Floyd and his family.  Floyd's daughter Lily (Lucy Hale) becomes the object of Sam's desire, his wife Jacqueline (Megan Fox) wants to have an affair with him, and the youngest son might just be a full blown psychopath.  So Samuel sees the window of opportunity to write a best seller around the lives of the weirdos he is now tied in with and maybe not get killed by the mobsters that Floyd has pissed off along the way. Megan Fox stuns in a lingerie seduction scene that is one of her all time great strip downs on the silver screen!