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Beyond the Darkness

Beyond the Darkness (1979)

Great Nudity!

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Beyond the Darkness (1979) is worth seeing if only because it’s auteur Joe D’Amato’s favorite film, and that means the gore and nudity are turned up to 11. The story of a young man who is a taxidermist, and lives in the villa left to him by his recently deceased parents, whose girlfriend dies and her, of course, stuffs her. Not like sexually stuffs her, or is it like that? Oh, don’t you want to know! Add to this a kinky housekeeper who is eyeing the newly windowed breadwinner for a one-way ticket to easy street, and is used voodoo to kill his girlfriend. But that’s only the first of a line of beautiful women who get murdered. Sure, there’s gore, but there’s also long and lustful looks at Cinzia Monreale’s full-frontal finery as the dead, stuffed girlfriend. And she plays another role to add more nudity. Then there’re two other actresses who show full-frontal furbush, one alive and the other dead. Oy vey!