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Better Off Single (2016)

No Nudity
  • Genres: Comedy
  • Directed by: Benjamin Cox
  • Theatrical Release: 02/06/2016
  • Home Release: 10/07/2016
  • Country: USA
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Better Off Single may not make much of a commentary on whether being single really is better, but that doesn't matter. This is a movie that includes many a one night stand, and it gets even better: Our main character Charlie is also having sexual hallucinations and dreams, meaning even more hot women! When Charlie loses his girlfriend and quits his job on the same day, he is thrown into the chaotic storm on brokenhearted singledom and no responsibility. Some of his friends say that happiness is being single and sleeping with whoever you want, and some say it's finding the love of your life and really connecting. Lucky for us, he tries it all, starting with a great hookup montage of Kristin Michelle Taylor, Darin Itdhanukevin, Rahail Foday, and Feliz Ramirez all in their underwear. Danielle Manente plays a sexy jogger who is wearing a jiggling sports bra when she catches our attention, and Nichole Loom dons a bikini during a wet T-shirt contest. Trust us - you'll be better of single for the next hour and a half!

Top Scenes

Sexy, underwear, thong 00:53:54 Kristin Michelle Taylor, Darin Itdhanuvekin, Rahaile Foday, and Feliz Ramirez are skintastic in this sexy scene! (40 secs)
Sexy 00:53:35 Danielle Manente is skintastic in this sexy scene! (9 secs)


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