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79 Parts

79 Parts (2016)

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79 Parts (2016) is a comedy with equal parts action and romance from director Ari Taub. A young man in 1979 Brooklyn gets involved with the mob - big mistake - and manages to acquire a debt that he struggles to pay off. He initially took out a loan to go to law school (even though he actually wants to be an artist), but he wound up leaving school after his father goes to jail for embezzlement. He tries to help his dad with his case, but the mob is soon on his tail asking for their own money. He tries to climb out of this mess, no thanks to his gambling-addicted friend Gino and Gino's mob ties. All of this only manages to only make a bigger and bigger mess for himself. Go figure. He finally figures out a possible way out: marry one of the mob men's immigrant daughters. It's a kooky plot, but it's also a kooky movie! So, let's talk about the women. Women and mob movies seem to go hand-in-hand which puts your hand straight down your pants when you watch them. This movie is no exception. Daniela Mastropietro stars and looks sexy as sin as she wears little 70s bikinis that flaunt her figure. She walks on the beach in one such bikini, showing off her flat midriff and deliciously tanned thighs. Her cleavage also looks great even though she tries to cover her chest with her hand. We wish she would take that hand away and show us her parts!