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Beowulf (2007)

No Nudity

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Robert Zemeckis's adaptation of a super, super old epic poem stars a super, super digitized Ray Winstone as Beowulf (2007), the Nordic tough guy who's out to save those zany Danes. They've been threatened by a mean old monster named Grendel (Crispin Glover), who seems nigh-on invincible. Ray to the rescue! Woof woof, Beowulf! After a ferocious battle, Ray manages to get rid of that grumpy, gruesome Grendel for good—but Grendel's ma, Angelina Jolie, isn't going to let him get away with that. Angie sets out to get revenge, getting a whole lot of naked in the process (unfortunately Beowulf is a motion-capture flick, so there's not that much actual Jolie to see, nude though she may be . . . this is CGI T&A). Digital-but-still-delish Alison Lohman and Robin Wright Penn also appear, along with John Malkovich and Brendan Gleeson.