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Barb Wire (1996)

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Critics claimed that the movie Barb Wire (1995) stole the plot of Casablanca (1942), but replaced "play it again Sam" with "play with yourself watching Pam." But weirdly, they said that like it was a bad thing! Based on a well known comic book, Pam plays Barb Wire, a nightclub owner/mercenary/bounty hunter just trying to make it through the day in 2017, as America's second Civil War rages. Like in the famous Bogie flick, everyone's trying to flee for safety from the war, but in this case it's by heading to Canada, not Portugal. Barb eventually comes in contact with a special pair of contact lenses that let you get around the Canadian customs crew's retinal scanners. But while Barb would love to use them for herself and make her way to the Great White North, there's a doctor (Victoria Rowell) who has developed an antidote to a deadly virus the bad guys are planning to unleash on their enemies. Suddenly, Barb Wire is dealing with all sorts of enemies, and doing all she can to get the doctor to the safety of Canada. With all due respect to Mary Anna Reyes, who we see naked and tied to a torture device, if you hit the theaters to see this one back in 95, you went in hopes of seeing Pam's mams. Luckily, Miss Anderson delivered those double Ds a bunch of times, including while taking a bubble bath, walking around with an open robe, and doing a couple of topless dances and trapeze performances at her club. Seeing her cans with our dick in our hands? Barb Wire was the beginning of a beautiful relationship!