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Bankrolled (2021)

No Nudity

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Stoner comedies aren't the exclusive domain of the United States as proven by the Mexican Netflix Original stoner comedy Bank Rolled (2021)! Writer and director Marcos Bucay (Club de Cuervos) brings us this story of two aimless stoners named Polo (Aldo Escalante) and Blas (Ricardo Polanco) who hatch an idea for a new social justice app while high on a new strain of weed. With absolutely no tech savvy between them, they decide that their idea is so great that they should find a tech billionaire to buy the idea from them. However, rather than wanting to buy the idea, every potential investor they meet with offers to give them more and more money to develop the idea themselves. Suddenly flush with cash but still lacking any kind of knowledge about how to go about actually creating this app, the guys dig themselves into a deeper hole, one from which they may never emerge. The film takes to task the very notion of the tech boom and entrepreneurs who see dollar signs before their idea is even fully fleshed out in a scathing satire of just about everything and everyone in the industry. Sadly, there's no female nudity to speak of in this flick, which is a real shame for any proper stoner comedy. There are some supremely sexy moments however such as when María Chacón gives great cleavage during a spin class, Natalia Téllez shows off in her underwear while hooking up with a guy, and when Seo Ju Park whips off her shirt to reveal a sexy black bra! If you're looking for more than that from Bank Rolled, however, you're bound to only get Rick Rolled!