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Autopsy (1975)

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A priest and a medical student discover the truth behind a spate of alleged suicides in Autopsy (1975), a chilling take on the Italian giallo genre. Mimsy Farmer stars as Simona Sana, a pathologist who’s lately been haunted by a rash of nightmares about the undead. Convinced that her dreams are actually messages from the other side, Sana begs the help of Father Paul Lenox (Barry Primus), a priest who suspects that a string of recent suicides are actually homicides in disguise. Director Armando Crispino borrows liberally from Dario Argento and Mario Bava in a horror thriller that mixes medicine with spiritual uncertainty. Note that there’s nothing clinical about Mimsy’s multiple nude turns––the Chicago native compensates for a bad ’70s haircut by slithering out of her wardrobe to show off her slender and alluring frame on countless occasions.