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Black Emanuelle

Black Emanuelle (1975)

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Stick with us before you get sticky, this one's a bit confusing. Black Emanuelle (1975) is the first in the softcore Emanuelle series, not to be confused with the softcore Emmanuelle series, which this Italian flick pretty clearly ripped off, following the over the top success of the French flick Emmanuelle (1974). Bloody Hell! It's okay, both long-running series are full of hotties, so you can't go wrong if you're looking to milk your dong! In Black Emanuelle, the decidedly not black Laura Gemser plays Mae Jordan, a journalist and photographer who uses the pen name Emanuelle. She heads off to Kenya and hooks up with a pair of diplomats: Gianni (Angelo Infanti) and his wife Ann (Karin Schubert). As she tries to write her story, the story of the movie fades away and it becomes all about Emanuelle's sexual relationships with the locals, the couple, and even a few of their friends. Every man, and plenty of women, want to spend some sexy time with Emanuelle. Some succeed, some take the L. Okay, time for more confusion. The filmmakers wanted to film real P in V, hardcore sex in the movie, but both Laura Gemser and Karin Schubert turned them down. As a result, while all the nudity from those two is actually them, when the shot switches to a much more graphic closeup of unsimulated sex, that's the work of a double. But don't let that knowledge spoil the fun. We still get to see all three B's from Laura as she does a dude on the train, let's a different fella undress her, and has sex in front of a waterfall. Kenya stop watching those scenes? We doubt it! Karin Schubert's a shoe-in to give you a stiffy after seeing the short haired blonde go topless while tying her husband's tie. And while Isabelle Marchall doesn't bare it all, she does go topless while dancing at a wild party. Emmanuelle was great, but once you go Emanuelle Black, you never go back!