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Aufstand der Dinge (1993)

Brief Nudity

Aufstand der Dinge (1994), or Revolt of the Things, is a partially animated made for tv German sci-fi flick about two aliens who crash landed on Earth 30,000 years ago. They have been laying in wait for a rescue mission, and when they begin to realize that no one is coming to rescue them, they decide to harness solar energy to try and power their damaged spaceship, which will hopefully let them escape the planet. The experimentation with this, however, leads to inanimate objects gaining sentience and rebelling against mankind. Gesine Cukrowski plays Elke, a naive young woman who falls victim to the aliens' experiments, but before that, she has a skintastic scene where she gets ready to take a shower. Shot from behind, we see Cukrowski's caboose as she slips off her panties to hop in the shower, though she's careful not to bend over too much lest she expose some back burger! Revolt of the Things will give a jolt to your thing!

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